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Donor funded Visitor Center featuring a team of passionate locals.
About Us

About the Redlands Visitor Center

Tourist information center in Redlands established June 2019. From maps and visitor guides to driving directions and restaurant suggestions, the experts in the Visitor Center will help you find the best there is to do and see while in Redlands. Discover can’t-miss events and receive insider tips that only our experienced staff can provide. In no time at all, you’ll see why we’re so passionate about our city.

We realize the people of our community, organizations, and our local businesses are our most valuable asset we have because of the collective sum of our individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, innovation, self-expression, and talent. Our diversity represents a significant part of our culture and Redland’s achievement as well. 

We support community involvement through our local businesses with activities, events, policy, and programs that provide opportunity for every person and fosters an environment where everyone is treated with human dignity and respect.
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Debora O'Hara, founder of the Redlands Visitor Center sitting outside the visitor center smiling
Shop Local

Shop Local

Shops with the latest styles of home decor, up-to-the-minute clothing, skate and snowboarding merchandise, antiques, and personal services are just a sampling of what’s available to you in Redlands.
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A beautiful display of local Redlands products available for purchase at the Redlands Visitor Center

We Value Our Donors

Donations provided by corporations and businesses allows for the development and implementation of community programs, projects and resources. Donations make it possible to create Downtown family friendly events and provide resources to Redlands visitors and residents. The Redlands Visitor Center connects people to authentic experiences that inspire them to stay in our exceptional community, for a day or lifetime.