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Trabajadores de la Tierra

Workers of the land
Mexican farm labor program started in 1942 diplomatic accords between Mexico & the United States allowing Mexican men to work in the states legally on short term labor contracts.

“My father was an orange picker along with his brothers. Also, my mother and her family worked as harvesters of fruits and vegetables. My grandfather recruited for Bracero program in the 1940’s. I have created five paintings of harvesters that are on display.”
Sylvia Alva
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Sylvia Alva painting orange harvesters in Redlands

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Donations provided by corporations and businesses allows for the development and implementation of community programs, projects and resources. Donations make it possible to create Downtown family friendly events and provide resources to Redlands visitors and residents. The Redlands Visitor Center connects people to authentic experiences that inspire them to stay in our exceptional community, for a day or lifetime.