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Board of Directors

Industry Professionals & Community Liaisons

Redlands Visitor Center Board of Directors

The Redlands Visitor Center is led by a Board of Directors compiled of tourism related industry professionals and community liaisons working to fulfill the mission of the organization.
Deborah O'Hara

Owner of All About Redlands Network, Founder of the Redlands Visitor Center.

  • CFO All About Redlands
  • Opened the first and only Redlands Visitor Center
  • A licensed California Realtor
  • Has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, from California State University - San Bernardino
  • Certificate in Principles and Techniques of Fundraising from Indiana Purdue University
  • Hosted the About Redlands Radio Show on ABC KMET 1490AM
  • Served on the Board for Child Advocates of San Bernardino County (CASA)
  • CSUSB College of Arts and Letters Board member 2009-2013
  • Member of the Redlands Symphony Association Gala Committee, Board of Redlands Educational Partnership (REP) Foundation, CSUSB’s University Center for Developmental Disabilities (assisting in fundraising and outreach efforts)
  • Past Grant Writer for Redlands Community Hospital (RCH)
  • Past Director of Gifts at PBS KVCR
  • San Bernardino County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
David O'Hara

Owner of About Redlands Realty, Real Estate/Mortgage Broker, Redlands Visitor Center Tour Lead, Professional Water Skier.

  • A licensed California Real Estate Broker for 15 years
  • A licensed national mortgage loan originator in 48 states
  • Has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, from California State University - San Bernardino
  • Past Account Executive with a local mortgage banker for 18 years
  • Previously owned a business with 18 offices nationwide
  • Past professional water skier, still enjoys the water whenever possible
Niko Wittman

Social Media & Content Manager for the About Redlands Network and Mother of two.

  • CEO All About Redlands & Editor of The LOCAL Slice.
  • Bachelor's Child and Adolescent Development Arizona State University
  • Volunteer Mansion Memories and the Redlands Visitor Center
  • Coordinator of the visitor center Family Room events

Board Members

Bruce Herwig
Marketing Director for Image Source, the largest Xerox Agency in North America. He has a passion for Jesus, marketing, design, photography, the stock market and all things “tech.”
Sylvia Alva
Cultural Arts Coordination Redlands Visitor Center.
Librarian and Teacher with over 12 years of experience.
Bachelor of Arts: Fine Art California State University - San Bernardino
Dianna Lawson
Executive Director for Mansion Memories
Chamber of Commerce Board member and Rotarian

We Value Our Donors

Donations provided by corporations and businesses allows for the development and implementation of community programs, projects and resources. Donations make it possible to create Downtown family friendly events and provide resources to Redlands visitors and residents. The Redlands Visitor Center connects people to authentic experiences that inspire them to stay in our exceptional community, for a day or lifetime.